Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Fraiche Food is Back!

Well, kind of...

For the past 6 months or so I have been beavering away at selecting the best articles from this blog, painstakingly retesting and re-photographing the recipes and editing the stories and reviews, then putting it all together in a one-off magazine, simply called Fraîche

You can preview and purchase copies of the magazine here.

Don't forget I am still blogging about food and photography over at jasonwain.blogspot.co.uk!

Jason Wain Photography

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Fond Farewell to Fraiche Food

I'll spare the drawn out speeches and violins and cut to the chase. After three years, 59 posts (this being the 60th) and 7685 page views, Fraiche Food will be no more.

It feels sad to pull the plug on a culinary journey which began when I first coupled my love of food and writing together. The journey has seen me through three years of university, through unemployment, through full-time work, and most importantly, through some unforgettable culinary milestones, from researching the history of food through to cooking with Tim Anderson.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Wagamama Review

Last Friday I visited Wagamama for the first time. They've been around for a long while, but I'd never been. There was always some excuse, but last week, when I went to catch up with a fellow foodie, it provided the perfect excuse to go and check out my local branch of the self-professed “Japanese Restaurant and Noodle Bar”.

The Experience

On a Friday evening Wagamama is heaving with customers. Which is a good sign. It does mean, on the other hand, that one becomes hoarse within minutes if any conversation is to be maintained.

Looking past the crowds of families, teenagers, couples, mates (no demographic is missing from the Wagamama clientèle seemingly, except, perhaps, the elderly) you are faced with a modern, minimalist restaurant, simple and stylishly lit, fitted with rows of solid wooden benches. Again simple and stylish, but not the most comfortable.

The staff were friendly, and we never had to wait too long for anything, whether that was a table to come available or a course to be served. Admittedly I didn't glance at my watch much, but this is usually a good sign.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Images of Christmas

Possibly my favourite memory of Christmas Day 2012 was the combined cooking efforts of the family and consequent chaos in the kitchen. I thought I'd share some photos of said Christmas Lunch whilst waiting for my next 'proper' blog post. Why? Well it's food, and it was tasty.

Why not?

A starter clementine, feta and winter leaf salad. Exquisite.

Friday, 7 December 2012

A Bit of A Boar - Wild Boar Ragù

Winter has well and truly set in now. The evidence is inescapable; from the deep cracks in my fingers through to the blisteringly cold, yet stunningly beautiful frosty mornings. It is a season I once deplored for its bleakness and darkness, which has now won my affections through blazing log fires and the Christmas spirit. And, of course, it's food and drink. The season of squashes and game has endeared itself to me very simply through its beautiful flavours.

Friday, 16 November 2012

What's Hot in November

Ha, so much for the “regular monthly post” that I promised. Anyhow, following on from July's deceitful introduction, here's what's hot in November...

1. The Game's Afoot

Autumn used to be a time I despised – as a lover of warm weather and balmy days spent in the woods, the demise of summer was always a bitter experience. This year I haven't minded so much though, partly because there was no summer to end in the first place, and secondly because of the wonders of the game season. The rich, meaty flavours of the likes of boar, pheasant and hare make for wonderful eating. And let's not forget the array vegetable delights on offer too – butternut squash and mushrooms are a favourite of mine. Check out what's in season on this rather handy website: http://www.eattheseasons.co.uk/index.php

Too good to eat. Almost. Image from RSPB.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Breville VKJ267 Still Hot Kettle Review

My family, or my parents at least, are not the types to buy the latest high-tech domestic gadgets. A lot of the utilities in the kitchen are a good 30 years old, as 'things were built to a better quality back then'. I always wondered whether this was a simple excuse for not splashing on the latest flash gadget, but now I'm not so sure.

When our 12-year old (cheap) kettle finally broke down last September, I expected my mother to return from the shops with something economical and functional (i.e. without the touch-screens and GPS systems that kettles are probably equipped with these days). Imagine my surprise, then, when she produced a brand-spanking-new Breville VKJ267 Still Hot Kettle in chrome and glossy black. It was not so much a flash gadget as a glow one: undoubtedly the coolest feature (or should I say hottest?) was the illumination.

Awkward little Breville - The silver version of our flash but troublesome kettle.