Thursday, 22 April 2010

Welcome - What it's all about....

Welcome to Fresh Food, my new blog that’s all about eating! I am currently writing a food column for my University newspaper, 'Fresh', (hence the title 'Fraiche Food'), so I thought it might be a good idea to put some of my writings onto the electric interweb to reach out to a wider audience.

If there’s one thing that unites all students, it is that they love to eat (not quite as much as they love to drink). Not all, however, love to cook; and that is going to be one of my sole aims of this blog – to get you cooking.

The idea of this blog is not just for students though - it's for any person who is short on time, in search of the same utopian goal of food that's quick, easy, cheap, healthy and tasty. I say utopian with good reason - getting all these factors into one dish is nigh-on impossible (as you may have discovered). However, I believe it is very possible to get close.

Over the coming months I hope to include some basic recipes for wholesome meals, supermarket shopping advice, seasonal specials, and more.

Also, as a keen photographer and photography student, all photos on this blog will be taken by me, unless otherwise stated, as I attempt to master the art of food photography... or at least get better at it!

Super Cooking Rookie/FarFromMasterChef

PS I'd really appreciate any thoughts/opinions on the blog, recipes, or whatever. Do let me know!