Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Good Artist

Matthew Ecclestone, or 'The Cake' as he is known amongst his close associates, has been a pal of mine for almost 10 years now. He is currently studying fine art at undergraduate level, but as it turns out he can wield a whisk just as well as the brush. We both love food and cooking, so I thought why not have him do a recipe for this humble blog here? It would save me the work too, I thought. As it turned out, I had to do all the writing, photos and editing, so it didn't save me too much in the end. But writing and photos is what blogging is all about, right?

Anyway, rather than baking a cake, The Cake decided to make an adaptation of Simon Hopkinson's Baked pappardelle with pancetta and porcini from The Good Cook. All initial guilt at making Matt cook whilst I stood around watching and taking pictures et cetera was instantly forgotten the second I sunk my teeth into this luxuriously indulgent dish. Deeply golden baked cheese gently cloaks a world of velvety, creamy pasta, earthy, rich porcini mushrooms, and salty bacon. I salivate as I write.