Sunday, 28 October 2012

Breville VKJ267 Still Hot Kettle Review

My family, or my parents at least, are not the types to buy the latest high-tech domestic gadgets. A lot of the utilities in the kitchen are a good 30 years old, as 'things were built to a better quality back then'. I always wondered whether this was a simple excuse for not splashing on the latest flash gadget, but now I'm not so sure.

When our 12-year old (cheap) kettle finally broke down last September, I expected my mother to return from the shops with something economical and functional (i.e. without the touch-screens and GPS systems that kettles are probably equipped with these days). Imagine my surprise, then, when she produced a brand-spanking-new Breville VKJ267 Still Hot Kettle in chrome and glossy black. It was not so much a flash gadget as a glow one: undoubtedly the coolest feature (or should I say hottest?) was the illumination.

Awkward little Breville - The silver version of our flash but troublesome kettle.

Monday, 8 October 2012

3 Nights in Marrakech - Part 3

Day 3 - Atlas Exploration and Berber Brews 

Continued from Part 2

We met our driver, Kalid, at 09:00 in the hotel foyer. I had been looking forward to today since we arrived in Morocco, and as we hit the roads and drove away from the city, excitement mounted. We were headed in the direction of the Atlas mountains in a 4x4, where we were to be given a tour of part of the mountains, meet some Berber people and more. Kalid kept us chatting as we drove along the long straight roads, past multiple hotels under construction, through flat, arid plains, past many roadside garden centres, and slowly but surely up towards the foot of the mountains.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

3 Nights in Marrakech - Part 2

Day 2 - Square Lakes and Luscious Lamb

Continued from Part 1

First hotel breakfast today, and I was pleasantly surprised by the buffet on offer. The highlight was a square pancake that was made using lots of oil, and finished with a drizzle of honey or syrup. I had seen them in the souks yesterday and was curious. They turned out to be delicious – infinitely preferable to scrambled eggs. The other 'must try' of the foods on offer was fig jam on toast. Had to wait a while for this as one of the other guests stole my toast. It was worth the wait though.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

3 Nights In Marrakech - Part 1

Day 1  - Crossing Roads, Couscous and Carnage - Medina Madness

A truly liberating feeling surfaced as we began trekking down the wide, smoothly tarmacked road towards the Medina. To our immediate left lay some well maintained gardens, the vivid green of the bushes and plants a marvel considering the arid conditions, and to our right, across the road, lay flat desert-like plains dotted with palm trees and cactus', that seemed to run all the way to the invisible distant Atlas Mountains. The sun beat down upon us mercilessly from a cloudless sky and a few camels looked on at us nonchalantly.