Friday, 16 November 2012

What's Hot in November

Ha, so much for the “regular monthly post” that I promised. Anyhow, following on from July's deceitful introduction, here's what's hot in November...

1. The Game's Afoot

Autumn used to be a time I despised – as a lover of warm weather and balmy days spent in the woods, the demise of summer was always a bitter experience. This year I haven't minded so much though, partly because there was no summer to end in the first place, and secondly because of the wonders of the game season. The rich, meaty flavours of the likes of boar, pheasant and hare make for wonderful eating. And let's not forget the array vegetable delights on offer too – butternut squash and mushrooms are a favourite of mine. Check out what's in season on this rather handy website:

Too good to eat. Almost. Image from RSPB.