Friday, 16 November 2012

What's Hot in November

Ha, so much for the “regular monthly post” that I promised. Anyhow, following on from July's deceitful introduction, here's what's hot in November...

1. The Game's Afoot

Autumn used to be a time I despised – as a lover of warm weather and balmy days spent in the woods, the demise of summer was always a bitter experience. This year I haven't minded so much though, partly because there was no summer to end in the first place, and secondly because of the wonders of the game season. The rich, meaty flavours of the likes of boar, pheasant and hare make for wonderful eating. And let's not forget the array vegetable delights on offer too – butternut squash and mushrooms are a favourite of mine. Check out what's in season on this rather handy website:

Too good to eat. Almost. Image from RSPB.

2. Fireside

Speaking of games being afoot, another pleasure of autumn is being curled up in front of a fire (if possible) with a weighty literary tome and a mug of hot chocolate. Sherlock Holmes is my autumn/winter reading of choice. There's something about the 'swirling fog and gas lamps' descriptions of London that has a rich autumnal feeling to it.

3. There's No Time Like the Present

Or rather, there's no time at the present. I'm starting out full-time freelance at the moment, whilst juggling two other jobs. Sadly this has meant virtually no free time or proper cooking. More a case of what's not hot.

4. Kitchen Experiments

Despite the lack of time, I managed one experiment. Guy Fawkes cakes. The idea was to capture the spirit of bonfire night in a cake, by infusing fairy cakes with the irresistably smokey Lapsang Souchong tea, and then topping a vanilla and cinamon cream with popping candy to create the firework effect. It almost worked; unfortunately the Lapsang flavour was difficult to detect. Hopefully I'll get a chance to give it another go soon.

5. Food Photography

I got my first gig doing food photography for a restaurant the other week, which was very exciting. The restaurant in question was the Poet in Matfield, a wonderful little gastropub (for want of a better word) that serves fine food in cosy and homely surroundings. The pics will appear soon on my portfolio blog.

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