Fraiche Food is one of the masses of food blogs out there on the world wide web. Its point and purpose is not to do something radical and amazing that no one else has done yet (though I wouldn't complain if I managed that!), but serves a twofold purpose. Primarily, it is a diary and documentary of my culinary adventures, from recipes that I have tried or created, through to travel, events and stories, served with a healthy dollop of opinions to boot. Its secondary purpose is to act as a kind of portfolio; simply to demonstrate my love of writing, photography, and food in a slightly more fun and colloquial environment than my 'professional' portfolio.

Who is Jason Wain?

Jason Wain is a freelance photographer and writer. I really discovered my passion for food and cooking soon after enrolling for my degree in Photography and Journalism, and have since been working toward a career in food writing and freelance photography. In the past few years I have gained experience in the industry through working for Telegraph food writer and author Rose Prince as well as researching for Waitrose Kitchen editor William Sitwell's book, A History of Food in 100 Recipes. You can find out more about my photography and writing on my portfolio.

Why the name?

The origin of the name is simple. The first foodie article I wrote was for my university student newspaper, which is called 'Fresh'. When writing it, I came up with the idea of reaching out to a wider audience through publishing my articles online, and the obvious name choice was Fresh Food. As well as being slightly unimaginative, the domain name had already been taken, so instead I opted for the French translation fraîche, as made famous by crème fraîche. It hardly takes the science of deduction to reach Fraiche Food (rid of the accented 'I' to simplify things). But don't let it make you think that it's a blog about French cooking though, 'cos it ain't.

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